What are anime?

“Anime” is a Japanese word that means animation. In Japan it is considered to be any kind of animation from around the world, however around the world it is considered to be a specific type of Japanese proclaimed animation.

Anime around the world are considered to be non-pictorial, fiction characters with dynamic colors and graphics that are used to entertain children. However In Japan these are not only gaining popularity amongst youngsters but they are also becoming popular amongst the middle age as they keep them fascinated by the characters, colors and the different genres they have.

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Yet the older people are not much attracted. Not only in Japan but anime are now gaining popularity around the world. Anime help people to keep their environment and frame of mind in a good condition as they forget their daily problems when they watch it.

People also tend to fascinate about things after watching anime. Many people also forget about their daily problems when watching anime.

Anime are produced in many ways, some are designed with the help of graphics and some are designed with hand. However as the technology has advanced most of the anime is designed with graphics and now they are combined with many other effects such as camera etc.

Anime characters are influences of real life muddled with the imagination and fantasy of the designers. Many of the amine are fiction stories while many of them are based on real scenarios. They are designed in a way to keep viewers from different niches attracted towards them.

Anime is broadcasted on televisions, cinema theatres, online websites etc. However anime has recently been watched by more viewers on different websites.

Anime productions basically started in Japan however now many non-Japanese production houses are producing them as they are gaining sky-high popularity amongst the new generation.

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