How to download from GogoAnime?

Downloading is a feature that many websites do not offer however GogoAnime has it and that too in a safe way. Downloading from this website is very easy and convenient. You can download series and anime movies to watch later when you don’t have an access to the internet or if you like the content.

To download content you will first have to open the official website, make sure the website is original. In case you open up a fake website, you are then not prone to viruses. Downloading from the wrong website can damage the software for your PC and mobile phones.

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The second step is to select the anime series or the movie that you want to download. There would be two options then, the first is to stream the video online and the other is to download.

Click the download button. After pressing the button another page will pop up. On that page you will find a green button which says download. Just press the button and the video will automatically start downloading. The video normally takes some time for downloading so you would have to be patient with it.

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