What are the best alternatives to GogoAnime?

There are many alternatives to GogoAnime however it is the most popular and the fastest one. The first alternative website is Kiss Anime, this website also has free English dubbed anime series and anime movies however you would have to register on this website to avoid advertisements.

Anime Ultima is also another alternative. This website is not as fast and efficient as GogoAnime however it provides both original and English dubbed versions of the anime. Moreover this website also has information about different anime, forums related to anime and events etc.

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Anime Land is also a substitute, this website has everything arranged in an alphabetical order, which some viewers might find irritating. These were the closest available substitutes of the website however there are many other such as Chia Anime, Animestrams, Just Dubs etc. However many of the alternatives do not have the different subtitle language options and downloading options.

Another alternative to websites such as GogoAnime can be watching the anime on television when it is originally broadcasted. The anime movies can also be watched the same way. Many production houses also have their original websites on which they upload their anime once broadcasted on the television. Viewers can also watch them there.

You tube is also a substitute, views might not find the dubbed versions but they can easily find the original versions there. Cinemas are also another substitute for the website, as many anime movies can be watched in the cinemas.

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