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There are many anime websites on which you can watch online anime. For some websites, you have to pay subscription fees while others are free. There are very limited websites that provide high-quality anime for free and GogoAnime is one of them.

It is an anime website on which you can watch Japanese anime that have been dubbed in English or are with English subtitles. It is a free website which allows downloading as well. This website allows its viewers to watch anime on their smart televisions, laptops, mobile phones, etc.

It is one of the most popular websites amongst anime lovers as it has been able to make its name overtime. Viewers prefer this website as it is faster than many other websites that are available.

GogoAnime also has a wide range of popular anime series and movies such as Poke Mon, Sword Gai, detective Conan, dragon ball Z, Nyanbo, Soul buster, etc. This website has anime series and movies for all age groups. Also, check the best alternatives for gogoanime.

Why is GogoAnime so popular?

There are many reasons for the popularity of GogoAnime. The first one is that it has a vast range of popular anime that many other websites do not have. It has anime not only for children and for adults as well.

It does not only covers up its target market but it also covers the niche market. Moreover, many of the anime found on this website also have books, which attract more viewers to this website. As the viewer can relate to the book and enjoy the anime more.

The characters in these anime are also very unique and impactful which surely leaves an impact on the viewer so they return to watch more. The stories of theses anime are also a muddle of reality and fascination which makes the website more popular.

People also get fascinated after watching these and tend to watch more. Moreover, the anime on this website are wholly different from other anime and movies and this provides the viewers with a different experience thus making the website more popular.

The website is also popular because it has English dubs and subtitles available for the Japanese anime. It not only has English subtitles available but it has an option to select from many languages for the subtitles.

The website also has easy access to its content which many free websites do not have. It means that the viewers can easily access the website without paying a price, which can become irritating for the viewer.

Another big reason that makes the website more popular amongst people is the fast streaming lines. This means that the videos stream within seconds and the viewer does not have to wait.

Furthermore, GogoAnime has made its name over time and people tend to use a popular website. The website has also introduced its TV application and Android/ IOS Applications which makes it more popular as it has become more accessible and widely available for the viewer. Also, read how to download from GogoAnime.

GogoAnime Features

GogoAmine has many features which keep it viewers attracted towards the website. The first one being the genre of the anime.

The anime has a vast variety of genres according to the preferences of different viewers such as mystery, drama, riddles, cops, action, adventure, fantasy, etc. Many other websites lack this and have a limited amount of anime which makes GogoAnime more popular.

Another feature is the easy to use the software of the website. Viewers find it relatively easy to use than any other website. Many of the popular anime appear on the screen as you open up the website while other anime can also be easily found with the help of search bar.

A distinct feature of the website is that viewers can easily change the subtitles of the anime to their desired language. This makes it accessible to a wider number of who are not from the Japanese origin or do not know English. The website is also updated every day to provide viewers with unlimited entertainment.

A feature that many other free websites do not provide is customer service, however, GogoAnime has appreciable customer service. Customer queries are answered as fast as possible via emails. Moreover, it also has forms that the viewers can fill in for any kind of feedback or queries.

It has one-page forms with minimum questions which makes it hassle-free for the viewers. The website is also compatible with mobile phones, this means that people can watch their favorite anime anywhere on their mobiles.

The major problem that many viewers face on anime sites is the slow load lines, slow loading means one cannot enjoy their favorite anime. However, GogoAnime has fast load lines and viewers can enjoy their favorite shows without any wait.

The website also has a contrasting color scheme which attracts the viewer and also makes is easy to interpret. As the text on the site is a bright yellow on black thus making it eligible for the viewer to read.

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GogoAnime TV Application

GogoAnime TV application was introduced when smart televisions came. The application is very convenient as you can watch your favorite anime on a sizeable screen anytime you want to.

The TV application can be easily downloaded from the Microsoft online store for free. It also has a hassle-free step by step setup which makes it more convenient.

The application is untroublesome and convenient. This means that there are no advertisements that will appear on the screen and it is easy to operate as well. Moreover, all the popular shows that are available on the website are there on the TV application which means that the viewers do not have to compromise.

Another feature included in the TV application is the favorite list. In this list, you can add all your favorite anime and movies that you enjoy in order to watch them later. Another new addition in the TV application is the recommendation bar that recommends you anime that have a similar genre of your recently watched anime or movies.

The application also has an option to stream the quality of video you like. This option is available as many viewers have limited internet data so they can stream accordingly to save their data.

For example, you can stream on 360p if you can adjust on low quality in low amounts of data or for high quality you can also stream on 1080p as well.

GogoAnime famous movies

GogoAnime does not only have anime series to offer but they also have anime movies. Movies are a great source of enjoyment if you want instant refreshment over the weekend or you don’t have time to watch long series.

Along with the series, movies are also very popular on this website and many viewers only watch movies. The website also has a vast range of movies.  The most popular movies on the site have to offer are; one piece 3D2Y, Ghost in the: arise border 3. Techi Muyo movie 2: daughter of darkness, it is an old anime movie from 1997 but a very popular one.

Sindbad which was released in 2015 has one the highest views and ratings which also makes it popular. Koi Sento is also a very popular fantasy and love story movie which was released in 2010. Grand Order is a 2016 popular movie and the genre of the movie is mystery and romance. Detective Conan is also a popular movie amongst kids.

The asylum session, Sword for truth and many others. The movies on the website also come with dubbings and subtitle options which makes them available for a wider audience. As the series is updated on a daily bases so are the movies. The movies on the website are also available for both adults and children.

GogoAnime Android/ IOS Application

GogoAnime has gained even more popularity with the mobile phone application. Nowadays everyone wants things to be compact and easy to use. The mobile application allows the viewers to watch anime anywhere, anytime.

For example, with the help of mobile app viewers can watch series and movies in their office, way to work or even in the washroom! The mobile application is very easy to install and operate. For androids, it can be downloaded from the google play store and for IOS it can be downloaded from the App Store.

Furthermore, the application is free of cost and comes under the category of free entertainment which makes it accessible for a wider audience. The application also has the best features which include fast streaming, a favorites list, recommendations, etc.

Fast streaming means that viewers do not have to wait long for the video to stream, this also saves them the internet data. In the favorites list, the viewers can add all their favorite anime to enjoy later. Moreover, the application is updated regularly, which makes new series and anime movies instantly available.

Another feature in the mobile application is the notifications option. You can switch the notifications on for updates of new anime episodes.

One disadvantage of the mobile application is the advertisements. Initially, the application was a no advertisement app but later with the updates, advertisements are there. However, if you carefully close the advertisements at the start of the streaming they would not disrupt you while watching the anime.

Is Gogoanime safe in 2018?

From viruses entering your laptop or your mobile phones, everything is possible is 2018. In today’s world, many websites are safe until you frisk up with it. GogoAnime is a safe website if the viewer is using it carefully. However, the advertisements that appear before the streaming might not be safe.

A disadvantage of the website is that it is illegal and the advertisements on it are also not safe. While using it you have to be vigilant to close all the advertisements before streaming. If you open up any of them there is a high chance of viruses entering your pc or mobile phones.

Popularity brings counterfeits with it. As it is a popular website, many people have made fake websites and it is beyond the bounds of possibility to know if the website is original or not.

The viewer has to carefully judge before using the website otherwise they may have to face the consequences such as hacked devices, or random advertisements popping on the screen, etc.

However, if you are downloading the GogoAnime TV application or the mobile application, it would be quite safe as luckily fake applications on Google play store and App Store are not available yet.

Viewers share their personal information for queries or feedback on the website, it might also not be safe as Gogoanime is not a legal streaming website. It is possible to receive spam emails after sharing your information.

However, this website is safer than many other online streaming websites because spam reports have not been received and there are very few cases of viruses entering the PC or mobile phones. To some extent, the viewer is also responsible for the virus as they used the website incorrectly. If the website is used efficiently it is a very good website to enjoy anime.

Which is the real GogoAnime?

The popularity of the website has also brought fake websites with the same name. There are many websites that have the same name and videos. The viewer has to be very observant and cautious to judge if the website they are opening is real or not.

When you search for GogoAnime on google you get many results.  But all the available options are not real. In fact, the majority of the websites appearing are fake and a loop to get your device hacked.

The only way to the real website is to enter the exact web address. GogoAnime.com/.to are the only original websites. Any other with a similar web address is fake. For example, there is also a website named GogoAnimes.com, the web address of this website is very similar to original as the only difference is the ‘s’ at the end of anime.

Viewers need to be vigilant with such loops. The original website also has a vibrant yellow over the black background. The viewers can easily recognize the real website with this. Another prove of the real website is the vast collection of the anime series and movies, fake websites have a very limited collection.

Furthermore, the fake websites also don’t have daily updates available which make the real website distinct. The fake websites also don’t provide any kind of customer service and don’t have any kind of forms. On the real website, the advertisements only appear at the beginning of the anime and if closed properly they do not appear again. However, on the fake website, the advertisements continue to appear during the anime. With all these features one can easily judge between the real and the fake websites.

The TV application and the mobile applications are real as there are no fake applications available on google play store or the app store. Anyone can download these applications with an assurance that they are real.